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346 receptions

4,281 receiving yards

39 total TDs

The greatest two-point conversion in #Saints history

And many fantastic dances and memories! 

Thank you Lance Moore

Oh boy…I know a young lady who is gonna be soo upset over this release. Honestly, while I kinda saw this one coming, that doesn’t mean I won’t miss Lance Moore terribly. The clutch catches and who can forget the many end zone celebrations. Thank you number 16!!!

Thursday night in the Big Easy is swinging in full effect as the Krewe of Muses finished off their parade with the Pussyfooters, the Krewe of the Rolling Elvi and a group of Michael Jackson imitator walkers. Didn’t quite catch their name and my phone/camera was running out of room. Muses did a good job of spreading their throws around even though I didn’t get one of their coveted shoes. Good times!

Thursday night in the Big Easy. This time we watched the Krewes Babylon and Chaos. Funny stuff here. The guy at the top in the Gene Simmons getup was next to us on Wednesday too. He’s a trooper. He actually went to work Thursday morning and came back for more. Should have seen the looks he got from the marchers especially the kids in the marching bands. Classic!

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